Super Short Travel Stories: The Bolivia Makes Me ‘Hot’ Edition

Colombian Coffee Farmer A few weeks ago, after reading a Buzzfeed article about people’s bad roommate experiences of all things, I decided that I wanted to compile an article of peoples’ most poignant travel experiences, whether they were funny, scary, or sentimental.

The results were way better than I expected, so now I think I may do a series (if you’d like to contribute a story, there’s info at the end of the post). 

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Two Incidents Kayaking on Kootenay Lake

“I had no way of bailing the water out of the kayak, and I was nearly a kilometer from shore.”

I am a master of pushing my luck. I get bored when everything goes right, and a get a strange satisfaction from pushing my little expeditions farther and farther until something finally goes wrong.

When things go really badly, I curse myself for my stupidity and vow never to do it again.

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Watch it Now! Waterskiing Redneck Eco-Samurais

Originally introduced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service to control vegetation, Asian carp have overrun the Mississippi River. With no natural predators the fish are reproducing at a alarming rate and now threaten to enter the Great Lakes. Although there are four species, the most famous is the silver carp, which jump out the water en masse when boats pass, often injuring boaters.

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Kootenay Ski Culture


I had just returned to Canada after living in Taiwan for six years and had snowboarded only once in that time. It was Easter Sunday, and our local hill was closed, so my brother and I were hiking up it to session the snowboard park. A girl was snowboarding down the hill. The sun was shining and the snow was soft. She had a big smile on her face. She carved in a long arc on her heel edge and then slid to a stop ten feet away, and plopped down on her butt in the snow.

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