My Top Three Top Threes of Spring Scream 2010

Anybody who’s been to Taiwan’s largest music festival knows that the quality of the acts varies. That’s to be expected at a festival where the bands perform for free. In my experience, most acts at Spring Scream are good, some are great, a few blow out your frontal lobe, and a handful stink like Taipei’s sewer in the summer.

This year Spring Scream featured more than 200 bands on seven stages in three days. No reviewer, no matter how diligent, could watch more than a small selection of the acts. So, rather than pretend that I was able to see everything and write a review of the whole festival, I’m going to write about those performers that I actually saw that really nailed s#*t to the wall.

I’ve lived in Taiwan for several years and know the music scene fairly well.  Most of the bands that I expected to kick ass, totally kicked ass. There were also several bands that I didn’t like before, or hadn’t heard of, that surprised me. Also, many aspects of the festival other than music were awesome.  So, I’ve written three best of Spring Scream top-three lists: bands that kicked ass that I expected to kick ass, bands that took me by surprise, and non-musical aspects of Spring Scream that made it fantabulous.

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