Watch it Now: the BBC’s Human Planet

I don’t know why I had never seen this before my aunt emailed me the trailer yesterday. Most of us have heard of the BBC’s Planet Earth series.  Now, imagine the same caliber of cinematography and storytelling used to depict the most fascinating cultures and rituals of the human world. That is the BBC’s Human Planet series.

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Me and My Bro in the Snowboard Park

My brother and I both started skiing at the age of 3. When I was 12 and he was 15 we both started snowboarding. The first couple of years we snowboarded together, but in our teens we began to hang out in different circles and rarely went to the ski hill together. The last time I spent a good day snowboarding with my brother was probably when I was 16, which was 16 years ago.

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit a BC Park in 2011

Guest Post By Jack Christie | Photo by Tourism BC/Albert Normandin

It’s party time at BC’s parks.

This year, one of the world’s finest collections of protected landscapes — from ocean and freshwater shorelines to alpine peaks — celebrates its 100th anniversary. Ranging in size from a cupcake to a one million-hectare (400,000-acre) confection, there’s a park to suit any number of candles.

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Links of the Week April 10th – 17th: The Best in Adventure Travel News and Stories

Greg Mortenson, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author of Three Cups of Tea, a book recounting his experiences founding the Central Asia Institute (an educational charity in Pakistan and Afghanistan), was accused of making up parts of the book, using the charity as his “personal ATM”, and overstating the activities of the charity. Read more in The Telegraph

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An Interview with Female Solo Travel Writer Beth Whitman

Beth Whitman, author of Wanderlust and Lipstick and two books on women’s travel, and is the women’s travel editor at Transitions Abroad is best known for her writing on solo women’s travel.  She insists that women don’t have to sacrifice adventure for safety. She says, “A man who is unaware of his surroundings at a “safe” destination can be more at risk than a woman who has her act together in a place that might be considered dangerous…if she’s taking all the right precautions she can avoid most potentially dangerous situations.”  This philosophy is reflected in some of the more exciting experiences that she’s had in her 22 years of travel, which include riding a motorcycle alone from Seattle to Panama, contracting giardiasis in Southeast Asia, and having a hand grenade pulled on her by drunken Cambodian soldier while crossing the country in the back of a pickup truck.

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