Watch it Now! The Vice Guide to Liberia

A few years ago Vice Magazine, a punk counterculture magazine that started out as a welfare work scam and grew into an international trend setting voice for youth culture, started an online television station called  Like the magazine, The television station produces borderline gonzo new journalism style documentaries about the edgiest and wildest topics that you could imagine.  The work that the station has done is of such a high caliber, and so interesting, that CNN has partnered with them.

It’s wild.  One episode focuses on a part of northern Columbia where men commonly, and surprisingly openly, have sex with donkeys.  They actually show it.  In another they visit the last surviving members of an Aryan community started half a century ago in Paraguay.

Last night I watched the Webby nominated documentary, The Vice Guide to Liberia.  It’s one of the best, and most horrific, documentaries I’ve ever seen.  You must watch it now (but do so at your own discretion–it is incredibly disturbing).

If the you have problems watching it using the embedded player below, you can watch it here.


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