Driving the Roads of South America

Guest post by Karla Fetrow

South America could truly be called one of world’s last remaining frontiers.  The geography ranges from the ultra-modern comforts of Buenos Aires to indigenous tribes that remain completely untouched by modern civilization.  Its road system reflects the same diversity.

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The Guide to Eco-Friendly Backpacking

Many of us try to lead eco-conscious lifestyles at home – reducing the amount of packaging we throw away, recycling when possible, and eating responsibly-sourced food. However, staying green while you’re on the road is easier said than done – but really there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy yourself while travelling without harming the environment.

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Scotland’s Most Scenic Hikes

By James C

Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It’s no wonder that walkers the world over choose to find flights to Scotland to experience it the best way possible: with a pair of hiking boots, a stick, and a windbreaker. Of course there are plenty of walks to choose from, but these are by far the most scenic that Scotland has to offer.

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Four Unmissable Walks in Spain

This guest post was written by James C

Spain has a bad reputation in Europe for being a holiday destination for uninspired sun worshippers who just want to lie on the beach all day before staggering into an English themed pub to gorge on burgers. For those of us who know the real Spain, nothing could be further from the truth. Spain is a brilliant destination for hiking and walking trails. Grab yourself some cheap flights to Spainand check out these routes. A word to the wise: Spain is a very laid back country. While this makes for relaxing tascas where you can pick up a beer and some pintxos, it can also mean hazards. Be sure that you have the most up to date version of your guidebook, or better yet get advice from locals.

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