Why Every Traveler Needs To Visit Borneo Once

When I was young, the word Borneo conjured in me vague ideas of exotic wildlife and remote, unexplored India Jones-worthy jungle. I’m not sure where I got those ideas from, but when I finally did visit Borneo they turned out to be pretty accurate.

Borneo isn’t a country. It’s an island divided among three countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. The northern province of Sabah, Malaysia, is really where the good stuff is. That’s the part this blog post is about.

I got to do some pretty amazing things during my trip, which I’ll mention below. The even cooler thing is that most of the stuff I didn’t do there (yet) are the things the province is most famous for.

So, this blog post is divided into three parts: 1) the stuff I did in Sabah, 2) the other stuff Sabah is famous for (that I didn’t do), and 3) the most amazing thing in Sabah that barely anybody has heard about (and which I really, really want to go back for).

Here’s why everybody needs to visit Sabah at least once.

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My 4 Favorite Canadian Adventures (So Far)

Near the peak of Mount Fisher
Near the peak of Mount Fisher
I was asked by Expedia Canada to share my favorite Canadian adventures, but all content and views expressed are 100% my own.

Because of my work, I have a lot of online friends — people I’ve only spoken to through chat and email and other written communications. They all know I’m Canadian. I’m fairly well-known online as one of those Canadian travel bloggers.

But when first meet people and start to talk eyes widen and jaws go slack. “You really are Canadian.” They’ll say after I let fly a monologue filled with ‘eh’s and ‘oh yeah’s.

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My Favorite Travel Gear from this Summer

`matt gibson gear
Sunrise at the Outdoor Retailer Open Air Demo

My Favorite Clothes of the Summer

While at the Winter Outdoor Retailer retailer conference I stumbled across a brand that I’d dreamt of for a long time — a brand that is socially conscious and makes outdoors clothes that are functional and packable, but that also look stylish when you’re out on the town. That brand is called Nau.

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My Gypsy Family

gypsy family lead

Guest post by Sloan Dorr

Patrick and I had picked up a fellow wanderluster at the Canadian boarder. Ha had translucent skin and was tall and skinnier than my pinky finger with long shaggy hair and a malt liquor habit. He’d ride a skateboard everywhere if he could, carries a pen and paper for his art, and is always waiting for a bone to heal, a cut to scab, or a bruise to lose its color. One of those guys that wears a wool hat in the summertime because he’s cold, not because he’s a hipster. His hands are always stained with ink because he can’t stop drawing charicatures. They’re crude, but really good.

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Don’t Forget Your Backyard

In an age where outdoors experiences have become commodities to sell, top ten lists comprise one third of magazine articles, and a large proportion of climbers refer to themselves as peakbaggers, implying that once a mountain has been summited there’s no reason to climb it again, it’s easy to forget that the ‘best’ or ‘highest’ peaks do not necessarily result in the best experiences.

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