Adventuring in the Fjords of Norway

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One of the places you often find in a list of late holiday deals is Norway, a country famous for its fjords. A fjord is a glacier formed valley with steep cliffs on three sides and a narrow, elongated inlet of sea. The word “fjord” comes from the Norse word fjǫrðr, which means, on the most basic level, ‘where you travel through’. Norway is home to the second and third largest fjords in the world Sognefjord (203 km), and the Hardanger Fjord (179 km).

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Russian Everest Expedition Stranded at Kangchenjunga, Gear Missing

Photo courtesy of reurinkjan on Flickr.

ExWeb reported today that a Russian expedition is stuck at the Kangchenjunga base camp, because their gear has gone missing. The team of nine climbers have been stuck at base camp with only the gear that the brought themselves. The porters were not only carrying climbing gear, but also tents and warm sleeping bags, among other items. According to Lena Laletina from Russian Climb, because food is running out and the team needs warmer clothing, the situation is becoming critical.

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The Algarve, Portugal Adventure Travel Guide


The Algarve


Southern coast of Portugal


The Algarve has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, which means that it’s a pretty accommodating place all year round with highs of 25 °C in the winter, and 48 °C in the summer. The temperature rarely falls below zero in the winter, and  it barely ever rains there in the summer.

The Algarve consists of 5402 square kilometers of rolling hills, small mountains, lush valleys, and some of the finest beaches in Europe.  It stretches from the Targus Valley in the north to the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. In addition to its beaches, its known for its islands, limestone caves, and 170 square kilometer Ria Formosa Lagoon nature preserve.

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