The Josambro Taiwan Bicycle Adventure

Taiwan bicycle tourGreetings, XPATMATT readers

As my friend and fellow Nomadic Adventurer Matt Gibson has been kind enough to allow me to hijack his blog for a few hundred words to tell his readers about my new venture, I suppose an introduction is in order.

I’m Joshua Samuel Brown, author of 13 Lonely Planet guides, and like Matt, a long-time wanderer, writer and global adventurer. The place I’ve lived the longest is Taiwan (It’s a great place for an extended adolescence, as Matt I’m sure will attest), becoming an expert on the land, its people and culture. After a few years away from my beloved island, I’m heading back next month for a new adventure.

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Getting Out of Bangkok: Three Awesome One-Day Trips

Practically everyone who has spent a reasonable amount of time in Asia has spent time in Bangkok. It’s pretty much unavoidable. It’s a meet-up spot, a flight-hub, a shopping centre, and the best place to shop travel deals in South East Asia. Most people just stop in Bangkok for a few days before moving on to a more desirable locale. A short stay, however, doesn’t mean forgoing adventure. Tourism in Thailand is well-tailored to outdoors lovers and there are several healthy outdoors activities that can be nearby. Here are three of the best.

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