Why I Buy Travel Insurance

Photo courtesy Keven Lawver from Flikr

I used to think of travel insurance as something that I probably should have, but couldn’t really afford, and most definitely wouldn’t go through the trouble to buy. Visiting an insurance agent, filling out papers, and paying a bunch of money that could go towards beer and bungalows; who wants to bother?

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Surfers Ride Record-Breaking 50-Foot Waves off the Irish Coast

Last week a group of surfers had the most intense rides of their lives on waves over 50-feet tall off the coast of Ireland, Galding reported yesterday. The waves were the biggest to recorded in Irish waters since 2005.  The surfers rode the waves far from shore, presumably over a deep-ocean reef. Although there are a few surf spots around Ireland, nobody knows where the waves actually occurred, and the surfers, not surprisingly, aren’t telling anybody–they want to keep them to themselves.

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