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Ask Matt: Getting Started as a Travel Writer

Hi Matt,

I’m in the process of permanently moving to Southern Italy to write professionally while teaching English.  I’m writing you this email in hopes that you might give me a tip on how to get started with writing professionally.  You appear to have found success and I’m taking a shot in the dark asking for a tip or a recommendation.  Do you know of a particularly informative book?  Is it necessary to begin blogging in order to entice publishing opportunities? Continue Reading →


Ask Matt: How Do I Find a Teaching Job in Taiwan?

Dear Matt,

I’m thinking of moving to Taiwan, but I’ve heard there are not as many teaching jobs as there used to be.  Are there still many jobs?  How can I improve my chances of finding one?



Dear Cliff,

When I first arrived in Tainan six years ago I would be approached on the street and in restaurants by people who needed teachers.  When I went to an interview, I would be interviewing the school, rather than the school interviewing me.  Teachers were in very high demand. Schools would accept anybody. Continue Reading →


Ask Matt: Studying Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan

Dear Matt,

I am trying to find a Mandarin course in Taipei, Taiwan which starts in October (anytime) for myself and my husband.  We have never been to Taiwan and do not speak any Mandarin. We have found a course which starts in December, but we just can’t wait that long to go! Continue Reading →

Zero to Hero: Learning to Kitesurf in a Day

Learning to kitesurf is not the easiest undertaking, but it’s also not as hard as it may look. It takes most people between 15 and 20 hours of practice spread over several weeks to learn how to kitesurf. But, occasionally, an exceptionally motivated individual is able to go from ‘zero to hero’. That is: learn to kitesurf in one day. Continue Reading →