How Can I Best Prepare to Teach English in Taiwan?

Dear Matt,

How can I best prepare to teach English in Taiwan? I am 23 years old and recently returned from a three week trip to Taiwan to visit my sister who teaches there. Since coming back to America, I have been considering pursuing a degree in order to teach in Taiwan. What kind of degree would best prepare me for teaching English in Taiwan, and what would be the best way for me to start learning Chinese?

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Ask Matt: Am I Qualified to Teach English in Taiwan?

Dear Matt,

I would like to know: am I qualified to teach English in Taiwan? I am a British woman with a TESOL certificate (accredited by ACTDEC).  I have been teaching English in Sweden for the last 5 years (mainly upper high school students 15-19 but also younger children and employees of companies). Unfortunately I do not have a degree, just various qualifications from colleges since leaving school (none of them in the field of education).


I have read that a degree is not always necessary to teach English in Taiwan.


Is it schools that demand a degree? Or is it a requirement for a working visa? Am I able to legally teach English in Taiwan with these qualifications?

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Ask Matt: How Do I Find a Teaching Job in Taiwan?

Dear Matt,

I’m thinking of moving to Taiwan, but I’ve heard there are not as many teaching jobs as there used to be.  Are there still many jobs?  How can I improve my chances of finding one?



Dear Cliff,

When I first arrived in Tainan six years ago I would be approached on the street and in restaurants by people who needed teachers.  When I went to an interview, I would be interviewing the school, rather than the school interviewing me.  Teachers were in very high demand. Schools would accept anybody.

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Teaching English in Taiwan: Vital Information

Many questions arise when you are preparing to go teach English in Taiwan. What if I can’t find a job? Can I find one before I go? Will I need an English teaching certificate? If so, which is better, TOEFL or TESL? Where is the best place to live? Here’s what you need to know.