How to Flyboard

It’s just like being Iron Man at the beach

In June, 2014 I was privileged to to try flyboarding — a very new sport at the time — while on an adventure-themed press trip in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. For those not familiar with flyboarding, it involves strapping on a pair of boots a lot like the ones worn by Iron Man while in the ocean and then jetting into the air by means of powerful water jets on the boots fed by a hose attached to the output of a nearby jet ski. It’s entirely as fun as it sounds.

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21 Amazing Photos of a Puerto Vallarta Adventure

In June, 2014 I went on an Puerto Vallarta adventure tour run by Vallarta Adventures. I’m always wary of ‘adventure tours’ because they’re usually too tame for my taste. This tour, called the Sea Safari, wasn’t exactly adrenaline-inducing, but is was probably the most fun I had on the entire trip.

A tour guide always plays a big role in making a good experience, and ours was fantastic. I was also very impressed by how socially and environmentally responsible the trip was.

Puerto Vallarta Adventure Tour

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Three Outdoors Adventures in Mazatlan, Mexico

Last June I spent a week in Mazatlan, Mexico a group of bloggers and social media all-stars courtesy of Go Mazatlan. Although I’d heard of Mazatlan before, I knew little about the city. Mazatlan, I learned, is not your normal all-inclusive drinking-on-the-beach Mexican destination. If you’re looking for that, you should go to Cancun or Puerto Vallerta.

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Los Cabos, Mexico Adventure Travel Guide

Los Cabos is well known as the municipality where the world famous tourist destination Cabo San Lucas is located, but there is much more to this area than beaches, bikinis, and blender drinks. The Gulf of California to the east is a UNESCO World Heritage site rich in underwater life, so snorkeling and diving in Los Cabos are incredible. Whale watching is also popular in Los Cabos as migratory whales spend several months a year there, and the surfing near Los Cabos is world class.

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Watch it Now: Illegal Border Crossing Simulation from

The good folks at are, in my opinion, some of the best documentarians in the world.  They go after ridiculous and unthinkable stories gonzo style, resulting in a humanistic view of incredible tragedies, and incredibly weird topics.  A couple months ago I posted the riveting, and extremely disturbing, Vice Guide to Liberia.  Next, in a series of VBS videos I plan to post, is this documentary on a service that offers a simulated illegal border crossing from Mexico into the United States, complete with a shady ‘coyote’ guide and potential arrest.

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