Not Sure What To Read?

No Problem, I’ve got you covered.

My website can generally be divided into three sections. Below are curated lists of links to my favorite and the most popular content in each section. The three types of content you’ll find in those sections are:

1) Articles about how to travel healthier, cheaper, and longer

2) Inspiring photos, videos, interviews, and stories of adventures around the world

3) Information about the services that I provide

Here are some of the best and most popular posts in each of those sections to help you get started.

Traveling Healthier, Cheaper, and Better

Eleven Websites That Sell Really Cheap Outdoors and Travel Gear

11 Travel Products That You’ll Never Want To Be Without

How To Buy Cheaper Airline Tickets

How To Maximize Your Frequent-Flier Miles With A Good Credit Card

How To Kitesurf

How to Stand Up Paddleboard


Inspiring Photos, Videos, Interviews, and Stories


Download A Free E-Book Of My Best Photoessays

My Favorite Travel Photos

Climbing to Angel’s Landing

The Mysteries of the Eskaya Tribe

Canoeing the Manigotagan River

Ziplining in Mazatlan, Mexico

Xiao Liuchiu: Taiwan’s Little Secret



My House Hunters International Episode

We Didn’t Think We Were Going To See Any Whale Sharks, And Then All The Sudden…

Sh*t People Say About Grand Targhee



Four Questions For Rolf Potts

Extreme Travel Guide Lev Woods

Global Endurance Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite

Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere

The Most Professional Hobo: Nora Dunn

Taiwan Travel Writer Steven Crook



About Me

Adventures in Malaysian Borneo

Ghosts and Angels On The Beautiful Island

Kootenay Ski Culture

How We Missed The Peak Of Jade Mountain By Less Than 100 Meters

How I Became A Travel Writer


The Services I Provide



Content Marketing

Blog Construction and Management

Social Media Management

Travel Blogger Outreach

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