Historic Hiking in Antigua, West Indies

This guest post was written by Chris Leadbeater


Today is not designed for strenuous exercise. The sun is insistent, an angry man who won’t let a bar-room argument go, unflagging as it sends out wave upon wave of raw heat. The sky continues the theme, a fierce blue, offering barely a wisp of friendly cloud. This morning is not for long walks, but for lounging and soft sleep.

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The Algarve, Portugal Adventure Travel Guide


The Algarve


Southern coast of Portugal


The Algarve has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, which means that it’s a pretty accommodating place all year round with highs of 25 °C in the winter, and 48 °C in the summer. The temperature rarely falls below zero in the winter, and  it barely ever rains there in the summer.

The Algarve consists of 5402 square kilometers of rolling hills, small mountains, lush valleys, and some of the finest beaches in Europe.  It stretches from the Targus Valley in the north to the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. In addition to its beaches, its known for its islands, limestone caves, and 170 square kilometer Ria Formosa Lagoon nature preserve.

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