Taiwan’s Beautiful and Bizarre Coastline: Jialeshuei

On Taiwan’s southern tip is a beautiful and bizarre stretch of coast where a unique geological cocktail of rock, including deep ocean stratum, sandstone, and coastal stone, has been moulded into alien-looking shapes by the violent wind and waves that whip and batter the coast.

This is the what it looks like.

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Ask Matt: How Do I Find a Teaching Job in Taiwan?

Dear Matt,

I’m thinking of moving to Taiwan, but I’ve heard there are not as many teaching jobs as there used to be.  Are there still many jobs?  How can I improve my chances of finding one?



Dear Cliff,

When I first arrived in Tainan six years ago I would be approached on the street and in restaurants by people who needed teachers.  When I went to an interview, I would be interviewing the school, rather than the school interviewing me.  Teachers were in very high demand. Schools would accept anybody.

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