Via Ferrata in the Italian Dolomites

There is no better way for untrained mountaineers to experience the highest ridges and peaks of the most scenic range of mountains in the Alps than via ferrata in the Dolomites. Via ferrata is a system of cables, steps, and ladders embedded in a mountainside that enables untrained adventurers (with proper safety equipment) to ascend to peaks and ridges formerly accessible only to experienced climbers. The best place for via ferrata is in the Italy’s Domlomite Mountains, where it was first developed.

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How to Get Off the Beaten Path in Three Easy Steps

Above: A filipino jeepney, not unlike the one that we rode in. Photo courtesy of Richard Messenger on Flickr.

Emilie and I arrived Cebu city one humid February afternoon with the intention of leaving the next day to find a village where there we could get away from other travelers.  Over breakfast I thumbed through our Lonely Planet’s section on the Visayas. The book made it clear that the island of Cebu was too touristy for our mission. The closest island, Bohol to the south, would be less touristy, but would also be a difficult place to get away from other travelers. As I scanned the map looking for an alternative I noticed a speck in the straight between the Cebu and Bohol. It was labeled Cabilao Island.

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Climber Dies After Accident on Denali (Mt. McKinely)

This is a short summary of events. For ongoing coverage visit the Alpinist.
Photo courtesy of mikep on Flickr.

One week ago, on May 11th, a team of five climbers and two guides began their final ascent to summit Denali (also known as Mt. McKinley) in Alaska, which, at 6194m, is the tallest mountain in North America. When they left camp they had about 1000m left to climb and the weather looked “perfect”.

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Ben Saunders Undaunted, Going Ahead with North Pole Speed Record Attempt

The weather is poor this year, but that’s not stopping Ben Saunders from trying to break the world record for reaching the North Pole by land from Canada this year. All ski teams headed for the geographic North Pole from Resolute Bay, Canada this year cancelled their trips three days ago (March 6th) due to a raplidy dwindling time window for the trip and delays due to poor weather conditions (you can read the story on ExWeb here).

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Adventures in Malaysian Borneo Part 1: Driving at Night with No Lights


“Don’t drive at night.” The rental agent told me.


It was 4pm. I was in the capital renting a motorcycle that I planned to drive around the perimeter of the state and I was already a day behind schedule. The first thing I planned to do was drive at night.

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