Adventures in Malaysian Borneo Part 2: Lost in a Monsoon

borneo road

I was eating breakfast in the hotel dining room and looking at my map when the hotel manager walked by.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Kinabatangan.” I replied.

“You’re driving a car?”

“A motorcycle.”

“Oh.” He replied and looked out the window beside my table. I turned and looked out the window. It was overcast and raining lightly.

“Maybe you should take a bus.” He suggested.


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A Few Random Pictures from My Trip Home

I’m from a small town in Canada’s Rocky Mountains called Cranbrook.  Cranbrook has a population of about 20,000 people.  The main industries are mining, logging, and tourism.  There are numerous trailer parks and it’s likely there are more people living in trailers than houses.  The surrounding area is checkered with farms. Wide brimmed cowboy hats, belt buckles that could double as coffee tables, and blue jeans so dark they look wet worn tight enough to induce infertility are always in style.  The vehicle of choice is the pickup truck.  Trucks suspended less than three feet off the ground with tires smaller in circumference than hula hoops are considered to be “for pussys”. Bingo night is big news.  Hockey is religion.

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